Gallery 4

  • Davy Byrnes Bar

    Davy Byrnes Bar

    Never judge a book by its cover, the proverb suggests and this is especially true of a discrete facade just...

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  • Davy Byrnes Interior

    Davy Byrnes Interior

    If you visit the premises at lunchtime and evening time, you will witness the huge trade which is done in...

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  • Davy Byrnes Front Bar

    Davy Byrnes Front Bar

    Davy Byrne retired in 1939, and in 1942 the pub was acquired by the Doran family of Marlbourgh Street, who...

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  • Davy Byrnes Bloomsday

    Davy Byrnes Bloomsday

    The literary giant with which Davy Byrnes is synonymous is of course James Joyce. A regular visitor to the premises...

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